The Storehouse is a ministry of Woodland Park Community Church. We seek to serve our Heavenly Father by addressing the needs of the poor, oppressed, overlooked, and marginalized in our community. We work to help those struggling to get back on their feet, and to show them the love of Christ. Life can be hard, and we desire to help bring the hope of Christ to individuals and families in difficult situations.

We seek to be God-centered by prayerfully following the teachings of Jesus Christ, and by demonstrating His unconditional love to those in need. 

You’re not alone. Our Care Coordinators are here to listen, love, care, share, and help you.

Please stop in to our office to discuss your needs, and how we may be able to assist you.

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

Phone: 719.229.4512

Location: 700 Valley View Dr. Suite D, Woodland Park, CO (when facing the building, farthest door to the left)


Services include:

  • financial assistance
    • We help those in financial need, on a limited basis, for rent, and utilities (as funds are available). Some restrictions apply.

  • medical lending closet
    • We offer the free use of different medical equipment to meet your temporary needs. These include: crutches, walkers, bedside commodes, wheelchairs, shower chairs, canes, toilet seat risers, etc. Use whatever you need for as long as you need it. We just ask that you clean and return it when you are done with it. We are accepting donations of the above listed medical equipment, clean and in good condition.
  • gas cards
    • We will give a gasoline gift card to those in need (as available and appropriate).
  • food bags
    • When an emergency food needs exist that cannot wait for other Teller County food providers, we step in with “The First 48”. This program provides the basic food necessities for an individual or family for approximately a 2-day period. We are accepting food donations on the last Sunday of the month of peanut butter, crackers, granola bars, nuts, tuna, canned chicken, soup, pop tarts, canned fruit, canned Spam, hams, sausages, Gatorade, water, and toiletry items such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste and brushes, deodorant, toilet paper, and feminine hygiene products.
  • meals program
    • For those dealing with specific needs, we will deliver a pre-cooked meal for them and their family as needed.
      We are accepting donations of homemade or store-bought pre-made meals.
  • laundry program
    • We offer a voucher for you to get several loads of your laundry washed and dried for free at a local Laundromat. Just bring your dirty laundry and soap, and we’ll take care of the rest!
  • firewood
    • Many families in Teller County rely on firewood as a major heat source for their homes during our cold winters.  We acquire logs, and our generous congregation cuts and splits it into firewood. They may pick it up, or in some circumstances, we can deliver ½ a cord to those families in need. We are always in need of those willing souls to assist us one Saturday a month in cutting and splitting wood. Please bring your log splitters, axes, pick up trucks, and chain saws.
  • counseling
    • We have counseling services available for individuals and families. You just pay what you can afford. We also offer grief and addiction groups. We have a small free library of literature focused on common challenges people experience.
  • small household items
    • We offer free kitchen items, small appliances, linens and other basic household items. We are accepting donations of the above listed items.
  • some furniture
    • We have a limited selection of furniture to meet your basic needs. Please come into our office to see what we have in our inventory. 
  • community garden (seasonal)
    • The Storehouse sponsors a Community Garden on the east side of the church in cooperation with the Community Partnership and The Harvest Center of Teller County. The garden beds are available each Spring for local gardeners to grow their own produce. Extra produce is donated to local food programs. Sign up for the garden beds is through The Community Partnership at (719) 686-0705.
  • free soup lunch (resuming in the Fall)
    • Join us every Wednesday at noon for a free soup lunch. Use the North entrance of the church main building. Come and visit with others while you eat a delicious home cooked meal!

Transitional Housing

We have partnered with Habitat for Humanity and have purchased two condos in the Clock Tower condos (formerly called the Lofthouse). These condos will be used as transitional housing for people in Teller County who need a temporary home while they get back on their feet. We come alongside and counsel these families to help bring them to a place of independence.

Click here to download the transitional housing qualifications.

Click here to download the transitional housing application.


Check out this update on our transitional housing program and our emergency shelter construction!

Transitional Housing Update

The Transitional Housing Team would like to update the Church on what has turned into a long journey for the new Clock Tower Condominium Project. As you may recall, last summer the Church raised sufficient funds to buy two new condominiums that were being built by Habitat Humanity of Woodland Park. In an amazing show of support, the Church raised over $215,000 in a very short time frame to purchase a two bedroom and a three bedroom condominium unit. These two units will replace the aging mobile homes that we currently use.

Originally these new units were to be finished in September/October of 2016 at which time Community Church would have two new families ready to begin the year-long transitional housing program designed to assist them towards independence. 

The Project has encountered one hurdle after another that has delayed the completion of construction significantly. The Elders, Business Management Team, and Transitional Housing Team from the Church have been working throughout this extended period assisting Habitat where possible. We do not want to go into all of the details at this time, but rest assured that the Habitat Board and their leadership team have worked extremely hard to overcome these obstacles. 

All involved in the project now feel that the finish line is in sight. That is not to say that additional problems may not crop up, but we are all confident that completion is near. The present schedule shows that construction will be completed by mid-August. Closing on our two condominium units will occur shortly thereafter. The Transitional Housing Team will be ready with two new families and coaching teams to work with these families over the coming year. Much work is yet to be done, but plans are in place and we are confident that sometime in September we will see the fruits of a years’ worth of hard work by a lot of people. It should be noted that throughout this period the existing Transitional Housing units have been occupied and Coaching Teams have been assigned to those occupants.


Emergency Shelter Update

 Our journey on the Storehouse Emergency Shelter has been even longer.  We have been working on this project now for almost three years. At this point we have secured what we believe is the necessary funding, again through the generous donations of our church congregation. We have recruited teams of volunteers to work with our families in the shelter, and we are putting together a detailed operational plan. 

The church has received a special use permit from the City of Woodland Park for the operation of the emergency shelter. However, the physical renovations also require the submission of architectural plans that must be approved to obtain a building permit. This step has turned out to be more problematic than we imagined. With the help of great volunteers, we are working our way through a slow-going process with the building department. Please pray that this will be quickly resolved. Please also pray that the requirements of the building department for this renovation will not exceed our budget. 

Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our Transitional Housing Team.

We thank you for your continued prayers and support!

John & Carolyn Hoelscher: 719-686-1714 (

Rose Forkell: 719-464-4327 (

 Pete Peters: 719-687-0239  (

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