Chad and Kristin Tabor

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Chad and Kristin Tabor

Director of SportReach

Our story starts with a rescue.  I (Chad) grew up in a religious home but it wasn’t until a sophomore in college that I heard the full Gospel. At that point I understood my utter need for a Savior in the person of Jesus outside of my own efforts.  Kristin grew up knowing Jesus from an earlier age and that strengthened rapidly mid-way through college and into our marriage.  We were married in 1999 on a beautiful day in a field behind a cabin overlooking a ranch in Minnesota.

God blessed our family with 3 beautiful girls.  Anja, now 14 has an energetic, outgoing spirit, it’s often hard for us to keep up with her social calendar.  Elina would be 10 this year and is now blissfully resting in the arms of Jesus.  She was like glue for us. So while we miss her immensely, we are also thankful for the time we had with this beautiful gift.  Mia, now 8, is a firecracker, she loves with reckless abandon and enjoys movement of almost any kind.  We are so enamored with God’s goodness to give us such amazing gifts.

After a stint in the Army and then as a Systems Engineer in the Springs, we felt God calling us into ministry with SportReach.  This was so new for both of us.  I had barely even prayed with more than a few people before being introduced to SportReach and now we were leading teams in prayer and on mission.  We felt like fisherman asked to step out in every aspect of their lives, to follow Him. We are reminded how He picks the weak, but available to do the amazing so that He receives the Glory.  All Glory to Him.

SportReach then joined with e3 Partners in 2008 and this changed our focus to more of a international disciple-making direction.  Early on as a team we were taking around 12 trips per year to every continent except Antarctica.  Today we use the tool of sports as a way to meet new people to be able to share God’s story, and encourage the Biblical view of seeing others reached with this same Good News, until all have heard.  This has been such a privilege to serve, sacrifice and see God rescue in all corners of this world.  His rescue plan mysteriously includes us all, and we are thankful He does.

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Prayer Requests:

  1. Further staffing for e3SportReach in key leadership positions (Regional and Executive Directors)

  2. For clear guidance on countries and People Groups to engage in 2019

  3. For the impact of Sports Church Planting in more Regions of the world

  4. For the pathway for us to be involved in the ministry more as a whole family now that Mia is 8

  5. Continued healing and growth as a family to be equipped for His use

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