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Ruth Parajuli

Nepal Mission

Nepal Mission Story:

Nepal Mission is passionate about the people of Nepal experiencing the Father’s love through our good works. Nepal Mission was founded by Ruth Parajuli, a woman who grew up on a farm outside the small village of Lamosangu, 50 miles east of Kathmandu, Nepal. Ruth and her family heard the message of hope 30 years ago, and they embraced Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Having experienced the love of the Father, their passion is for others to experience that love and know the one who sacrificed Himself for us. 

In the culture of Nepal, the disabled and poor are often mistreated, ignored and marginalized. The attitude toward disabled people is that they did something in a past life to deserve the disability in their current life. Consequently they receive little aid. Ruth’s family knew this reality from personal experience—two of Ruth’s younger sisters are mentally disabled.


Once Ruth moved to America, she wanted to share some of her blessings with the poor and disabled people in the rural villages near her parent’s home in Lamosangu, Nepal. Working as a postal worker, nanny and house-keeper, Ruth began sending money back to Nepal to help the poor and disabled—providing food, clothes, livestock, educational and medical assistance to these neglected people. Her example inspired many others to join her cause and Nepal Mission was born.

From humble beginnings, the Father has blessed the work of Nepal Mission. As a result of the August 2014 tragic landslide that killed over 150 people just 2 kilometers from Ruth’s family home, Nepal Mission began providing emergency relief to survivors—tents, blankets, winter coats, etc. Regardless of circumstance, the message is the same: “We give this because we want you to know that the Father loves you too!” When the devastating April 25, 2015, earthquake struck central Nepal, the Sindupalchok District that includes Lamosangu was among the hardest hit, and sustained over half of the 9,000 fatalities. In Ruth’s village, her dad’s house was virtually the only one still standing. It became the distribution center: (1) for truckloads of food that her brother brought from Kathmandu; (2) for bundles of tin that Nepal Mission bought and provided to over 200 families to enable them to build shelters against the monsoon rains; and (3) for sharing hope and encouragement.

Here are some of the recent things that Nepal Mission has done in the rural areas of Nepal in the past year:

1.    Provide building supplies to help people rebuild their homes destroyed in the earthquake;

2.    Providing funds for education needs of widows and orphans;

3.    Pay for medical treatments for those that can’t afford to pay;

4.    Provide teaching and an experimental training ground to help farmers learn improved methods for farming;

5.    Share a message of hope of the Father’s love.


Our Vision:

To see the people of Nepal experience the Father’s love through our good works and message of hope.

Our Mission:

To demonstrate the Father’s love to the people of Nepal by meeting the tangible physical, emotional, spiritual and educational needs of the poor, disabled, orphans and widows through benevolence, disaster outreach, encouraging, and sharing a message of hope.


Our Prayer Needs:

1.    For opportunities to make a difference in the lives of the poor, disabled, widows, and orphans in Nepal.

2.    For people in Nepal to know and experience the Father’s love.

3.    For Christians in Nepal who are being persecuted for their faith.

4.    For honesty, integrity and fairness to all people by the government of Nepal.

5.    For opportunities to share what Nepal Mission is doing with potential donors.

6.    For continued wisdom and strength to do the work God has called us to.


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