Jeff & Mary Townsend

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Jeff Townsend

the National Director of Field Development for International Students Inc. (ISI). ISI exists to share the love of Christ and the truth about Christ with international university students and scholars.  Their ultimate goal is to win, disciple and send these students back to their home countries as missionaries to their own people.


Jeff’s ISI Story:

 Upon returning from ministry in the Middle East, Jeff desired to continue working with internationals and a friend suggested he contact International Students, Inc. (ISI).  Jeff joined ISI in the fall of 2014 as a member of the campus staff at UCCS.  After a year in that role, Jeff was asked by ISI President, Dr. Doug Shaw, to join the ISI home office team as director of field development.  In that role Jeff helps on-board all new ISI staff, training them in support development.  Then Jeff tracks with these new staff as they raise their support, providing coaching and encouragement during their support development journey.  “I love what I do,” Jeff notes, “helping raise up an army of missionaries to invade college campuses across the country to win, disciple and send international students back home as missionaries to their own people.”  

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ISI’s Vision:

To see every international student befriended, led to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and discipled for His service—to impact every nation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  


Jeff helps fulfill this vision by laboring alongside many other ISI co-workers to put additional ISI staff on more and more campuses across the US.  Jeff also helps with the local ISI ministry in a variety of ways, including the ministry to international students at UCCS and international interns serving at the Broadmoor Hotel.   

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Prayer Needs:

  • Pray that the new God’s Story app will be used around the world to get groups of international students into the Word.  

  • Pray for our ministry to Chinese students, especially those who have come to faith and will be returning to an ever more closed nation.  Recently ISI felt it was wise to suspend all visits by our staff to returnees in China because of the increasingly difficult situation in that country.  Pray that we will have wisdom in preparing Chinese students who will be returning to a country far more closed to the Gospel than when they came to the US for study.  

  • In a similar way, pray for our Indian students who have come to faith and will be returning to a country increasingly opposed to any non-Hindu faiths.    

  • Pray for ISI as an organization as we welcome the sixth president in our sixty plus year history.  Transitions can be rocky.  Pray that this one will be smooth and launch us into years of ever-increasing effectiveness in the Harvest.

  • Pray for the closing on the sale of ISI’s property on I-25 in Monument.  The proceeds will be used to pay off the debt on the new ISI Ministry Center.


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For more information please contact:

ISI Mailing Address:

International Students Inc.

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