Roy & Margaret Fitzwater

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Roy & Margaret Fitzwater

Co-Directors of Navigators Church Ministries

Serving all over the U.S. and the world

We open doors for our 140+ staff around the country to help churches grow cultures of disciple-making and represent The Navigators in the greater Body of Christ.

We model this for staff by working with churches and leaders ourselves. We help churches and leaders create cultures of life-to-life disciple-making to help grow people in Christ. Our goal is to partner with God to help produce more lifelong disciple-makers in and though the church.

We love live living out our calling of seeing people become passionate about their relationship with Jesus Christ and sharing it with others. Life-to-life disciple-making is the best way to grow believers so that they make a Kingdom difference where they live, work and play.

Our travels to Africa have exposed us to a variety of “delights” from roasted goat neck (yuck) to avocados just plucked from a tree in the backyard, sliced and served (yum). A missionary friend shared this with us about eating local foods - “Where He leads me I will follow, what He feeds me I will swallow.”

We’d love to have you pray about joining our team of ministry partners. You can go to:

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Prayer Requests:

-Pray for continued good health for us and for Mimi (Margaret’s mom who lives with us).

-Pray for God to continue to grow our passion and effectiveness for Him, His Bride and the lost.

-Pray for continued favor as we meet with denominations and other organizations to share the ministry of life-to-life disciple-making.

-Pray for strong, spirit-filled leadership of The Navigators.

-Pray as we consider taking a sabbatical later this year. This would be our first in thirteen years. Places to get away and rest could be helpful.

We email a prayer letter every 6 weeks or so with requests for the next time period. If you are interested in receiving this quarterly newsletter as an email or paper version, please email Roy and we’ll add you to this important group of warriors: