Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry at Community Church is focused on making disciples of Jesus Christ who are committed to the mission of making other disciples. Our goal is to implement the Discipleship Pathway specifically for men.

Key Verses

“Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17

Men's Ministry and the Discipleship Pathway

ENCOUNTER: Men lead their wife and family by participating in corporate worship. We do not plan to offer any special men’s activities on Sunday morning but we encourage men to attend a GPS Ministry event and learn how and where to use their spiritual gifts, talents and passions to serve the body of Christ.

CONNECT: We will hold four larger gatherings of men each year to provide men an opportunity to connect with other men. These CONNECT events are designed for men to have a lot of fun while forming smaller groups that Grow and Multiply.

GROW: Men are encouraged to be in a small group. That could be with their wife in a Community Group, or in one of the men’s groups. We currently have two men's groups and are planning to start a third:

- Joshua’s Men: meets every Saturday at the church office from 7-8:30 am to study the Bible, pray, and fellowship with one another. All men are welcome. Contact Bill Fredenburg, 573.270.9454.

- Thursday Men’s Study: meets every Thursday at the church, Room 105 from 6-7 am.  We take turns providing some refreshments and coffee. We have been enjoying a number of video-based discussion series by Chip Ingram. Contact Jim Dyer,, 719.393.3244.

MULTIPLY: We encourage men to join a DNA group with two or three other men. If you are already in a Community Group, ask some of the men in your group to meet together for discipleship, or attend DNA Group Leader Training to learn how to start a group of your own. If you are not ready to lead a group but would like to join one, we could connect you with someone who is available to lead a group. Contact Larry Karasevich, 832.319.9186 for more information.

Men’s Ministry Leader: Larry Karasevich, 832.319.9186


UPCOMING EVENTS: Strong Man Prayer Adventure, June 14, 2019:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” —Edmund Burke

Description:  Five teams will travel to the state capitol and the four corners of the state of Colorado on a specific day June 14th, Flag Day.  At a set time (tentatively 2:00 pm), each team will begin a time of prayer, hymns, and short devotionals with a focus on restraining the evil one, and to ask blessing for Colorado and its civic leaders. Our purpose is to pray for the restraint of the evil one in the state of Colorado in an intentional, organized, and God-honoring manner.  Based on the key verse Mark 3:27: “But no one can enter a strong man's house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man.  Then indeed he may plunder his house”, our desire is to ask the Lord to bind Satan and then plunder his house in Colorado. Each team will have a leader to coordinate specific plans for their location.  In the time preceding the event, we will conduct preparatory meetings and organizational coordination.  If possible, each team should have a photographer/videographer and musician. The five teams/locations are: NW – Craig; SW – Durango (or Cortez); NE – Sterling; SE – Springfield, CO; State Capitol – Denver. For more information, contact Stephen Young,, (719) 963-7094.


What is the significance of ‘Strong Man’ in the name of the event?  The Bible records a remarkable statement by Jesus in Mark 3:22-27.  In this story, Jesus has just commanded a demon to leave an afflicted man, and the religious Jews accuse Him of exorcising demons by the power of Satan.  Jesus conclusively refutes that logic, and then makes this comment [v. 27]:  “But no one can enter a strong man's house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man.  Then indeed he may plunder his house.”

Examining this statement by Jesus, we see that He is the ‘one’ who will enter the strong man’s house.  The ‘strong man’ is none other than Satan.  So Jesus is saying that He intends to break into the strong man’s house, bind him, and then plunder his house.  These actions are probably not something we would typically expect of Jesus!  But when we realize that the ‘goods’ and ‘plunder’ to which He refers are actually the lost souls of the world, we gain a sense of His zeal in accomplishing this.

Is this just a stunt?  The intent is to provide an activity with a clear focus on prayer for the state of Colorado, but to also be a fun adventure for the followers of Jesus who choose to go.  We hope to see individuals, couples, families, friends, community groups, DNA groups, and anyone else of like mind participate.  Colorado is in need of prayer and we intend to address that need. 

Why should we have to travel to the suggested locations?  God will hear and answer prayer regardless of our location.  But the Prayer Adventure is more than just a short time of collective prayer.  Traveling to Denver and the four corners of Colorado is a way to sharpen our focus on this beautiful state, cultivate faith-bonding as a group within each team, and  experience how wonderfully the Lord has blessed Colorado.  While we are free to worship and pray anywhere, traveling to a certain location for that purpose with others of like mind remains a community- and faith-building exercise.  Knowing that other groups are meeting in other sites throughout the state for the same purpose at the same time magnifies that experience.  For anyone who is unable to participate in traveling to a particular location, we request and welcome their prayer support for this effort.

Does this have a political motive?  No.  It’s easy to feel powerless when things appear to be spinning out of our control.  But then we remember that we are beloved by the greatest Power in existence and are free to come boldly before His throne.  So regardless of how each of us may feel personally about the current state of politics in Colorado, as Christians, we are urged to pray for our government [1 Tim 2:1-3].  This adventure is intended to conform to the spirit and intent of this verse without regard to politics.

How will we get to our assigned location?  Information about the exact meeting locations will be sent out prior to the event, so that participants may make travel plans.  Each team leader will be available to help participants make carpool or convoy arrangements if desired.  Participants are encouraged to incorporate this event with other travel plans.  Driving times range from 4 to 7 hours from Woodland Park, so you may want to book a hotel at or near the destination.

What do we do when we get there?  Each team leader will arrive at their respective site prepared to lead the group in prayer, songs, and spoken devotionals.  Everyone is encouraged to prepare their own prayers and devotionals to share, and also take photos or videos of the event.  The event will likely last about an hour. 

Then what?  At a time and date to be determined later, we hope to share our experiences and photos / videos with all participants as a whole and perhaps to the entire church.  Exact details will need to be developed.  But in the larger sense, we can expect to discover and perceive how the Holy Spirit moves in Colorado by the will of the Father.

This event is sponsored by Joshua’s Men.