Radical: The Life that Pleases God

If you are leading small group, a triad (3), or quad (4) that is taking Pastor Kirk’s challenge to live out the “Sermon on the Mount”, here is a suggested outline for how you might spend 60-90 minutes together [Note: if there is no leader for your group, take turns leading the discussion using this outline]:

 CONNECT (10 minutes): Spend some time connecting with each other. [Note: if time is limited, then be careful not to let this segment of your time take up the whole meeting.]

1. If the group is new and you don’t know each other, briefly share a little about your life—your family, your work, how you came to live in the area.

2. If you already know each other, briefly share how the last week has gone for you.

 SHARE (10 minutes): Spend some time sharing what you are hearing from God in your quiet time (prayer and reading the Bible).

1. One of the most important benefits of being in a triad (or quad) is encouraging each other to be spending time with God each day. Most of us know how to do this and know that we should do this, but we often fail in actually doing it because of busyness or misplaced priorities.

2. If some in your group do not know how to have a quiet time, then share what you do.

3. The goal is not to shame anyone, but model to each other that we actually can hear from God if we take time to listen.

 DISCUSS (20 minutes): Read the passage and discuss the questions below:

1. Was there a time in your life when you realized that you were spiritually bankrupt, and that there was nothing you could do to earn God’s approval? Explain.

2. Have you ever mourned over your sin? Not being sorry that you were caught, but mourning because you truly hated it?

3. Meekness is power under control. It is not being a wimp, but being gentle. Does this describe your life? Why or why not?

4. Are you hungry and thirsty for God’s righteousness in your life? Describe what that looks like.

 APPLY (10 minutes): Discuss how you will apply this passage of scripture to your life this week. Write down the commitments that each person makes and ask them if they will allow the group to hold them accountable.

1. Which of these verses (questions) spoke loudest to you?

2. How will you respond?

3. What will you commit to do this week?

 PRAY (10 minutes): Pray for each other.

1. Pray for each other to live out the commitments you just made.

2. If time allows, pray for other prayer needs (don’t discuss them, just pray for them).