Small groups, or community groups, are a vital part of our church. It's hard to know every person in the church and what is going on in their lives, but through community groups we can create an atmosphere of transparency, trust, and support for one another. Here, in the living rooms of Christ-followers, true community happens.

We have many existing groups available, with more starting all the time! Scroll down to the images below to see which groups are meeting when, and what they are studying. We can't wait for you to join us!

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Sermon Application Questions

Are you studying the sermon series in your small group, triad, or quad? Click on the button below to access our resource page where you can download outlines, questions, and applications for the series.

Community Groups Handbook

If you lead or co-lead a small group, please download our handbook for your personal reference. This booklet contains resources for discussion, prayer, leadership, and more. Click the button below to download the handbook.

Group Leaders Covenant

We ask our community group leaders and co-leaders to sign our leadership covenant. This explains the expectations and responsibilities of our leaders and small group members. You can download the covenant by clicking the button below.