We believe God has called us to be a multiplying church that trains up and sends out leaders to share the Gospel. Chris and Alex Asmus are now serving in St. Paul, MN. Here are some updates from Chris and Alex about Vertical Church St. Paul.


Praise Reports:

By God’s grace, we are seeing more and more people worshiping Christ with us on Sundays! Additionally, we have never had more first-time guests and people going through Discover Vertical! Let us continue to faithfully pray and invite people!

Prayer Requests:

Easter is just over a week away, and we are asking the Lord to bring 300 people to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have heard of people bringing friends and family, neighbors and coworkers, believers and unbelievers, atheists, Muslims, and anyone who will come. Let us pray that God will do the drawing and that God will do the saving. 
May God be gracious to us and bless us;
may he make his face shine upon us
so that your way may be known on earth,
your salvation among all peoples!

Let the peoples praise you, God;
let all the peoples praise you! -Psalm 67:1-3



  • Vertical Kids Servants: What would you do so that someone who has maybe never heard the gospel could hear it and be saved? Would you prayerfully consider serving in Vertical Kids on Easter? We will likely have a large influx of kids, and so we’re asking you to consider serving in kids so their parents can be freed up to hear the gospel. If you’re willing, please email Jim at Jim@verticalstpaul.com

  • Giving: Generosity gives you everything that money promises you. As we give, God gets the glory and we get the grace to become truly satisfied - in Christ alone. Our Giving Goal this month is $18,000. We currently are at $6190 for the month. Thank you for your willingness to sacrifice for the advancement of the gospel in St. Paul.